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Skincare products are an important part of keeping the skin healthy and revitalized. Jacky Macias founded the jaques skin product line with skin care professionals and doctors both in Spain and New York City. Traveling often for work and leisure, Jacky was in the market for quality skincare products for her skin. Realizing her passion for skincare, Jacky teamed up with top chemist professionals in skincare and launched jaques skin. These products are medical grade, made in the USA, cruelty and paraben free that work well for all skin types including sensitive and combination skin. AestheticMdR carries all of these skincare products that can also be purchased through the online shop.

Jaques Skin Shop

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Night Regimen

night regimen

This is our nighttime skincare regimen, it has been carefully curated to be the last step in your nighttime routine. Included is the Green Tea Facial Wash, Facial Spray with Green Tea, Brightening Serum, Brightening Pads, and Renewal Moisturizer. This regimen is formulated to leave your skin brightened and refreshed!

Green Tea Essentials Kit

green tea essentials kit

This kit includes the three products in our line that are filled with the powerful healing properties found in green tea. Polyphenols that are extracted from green tea are beneficial for treating acne and unclogging pores since they're a powerful antibacterial agent for the skin. Included are the Green Tea Cleansing Wash, Green Tea Exfoliating Scrub, and the Facial Spray with Green Tea.

The Fountain of Youth Bag

the fountain of youth bag

The Holy Grail! This includes our best anti-aging products to keep your skin youthful and rejuvenated: the Lift Eye Cream, the Mineral Tinted SPF, the Neck Firming Cream, and the Green Tea Cleansing Wash. Packed with niacinamides, antioxidants, and natural botanicals, this set is sure to transport you to the Fountain of Youth.


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