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When exercise isn’t enough to sculpt round and shapely buttocks, a specialized Marina del Rey butt augmentation with Dr. Macias can deliver the figure you’ve always wanted.

What is butt augmentation?

Buttocks (gluteal) augmentation is a common surgical treatment that is sought after by both men and women. The procedure is done under anesthesia and designed to improve your overall silhouette.

What can butt augmentation do for you?

  • Create full and round buttocks
  • Sculpt a balanced silhouette
  • Improve the projection of your buttocks

The butt augmentation procedure

There are a variety of techniques Dr. Macias uses to help our patients enhance their backside. The most common butt augmentations in Marina del Rey include:

  • Fat transfer (commonly known as BBL or Brazilian Butt Lift). The Brazilian Butt Lift is a highly popular option. It involves performing liposuction on the surrounding areas to harvest unwanted fat. That excess volume is then injected back into the buttocks at varying depths and locations to improve the size and shape of your derriere.
  • Combination fat transfer and implants (composite buttocks augmentation). In some cases, Dr. Macias may recommend combining a fat transfer with gluteal implants if he determines it’s the best way to achieve your ideal results.
  • Gluteal implants. Gluteal implants are placed under general anesthesia. Through a discreet incision in the center of the buttocks crease, Dr. Macias will create a pocket in the area of the gluteal muscle. He will then place a specially formed and sized implant to create a larger and more shapely buttocks.

A custom approach you can trust.

At our Marina del Rey office, no two butt augmentation procedures are the same. Dr. Macias understands each patient’s unique anatomy and takes the time to delve into your desired results. Thus, he will tailor the best option for you based on your starting point and ideal outcome.

Woman standing on the beach with very attractive buttocks

The recovery

The recovery process for our Marina del Rey butt augmentation will vary depending on your individual experience and needs. With that said, most patients take about one week off from work. Dr. Macias asks our patients to avoid sitting directly on the buttocks for one week.

One can expect some bruising and swelling for six weeks post-surgery. The scars are nearly invisible, as they are small and placed in inconspicuous areas such as the top the buttocks crease and within the bikini area.

FAQ Butt Augmentation

What is the cost for butt augmentation?

The total cost for a butt augmentation varies on a few factors, but after your consultation with Dr. Macias we can provide you with the cost depending on the goals that you have.

Am I a candidate?

The ideal butt augmentation candidate is a man or woman who is in good physical health and close to their ideal body weight, but wants to enhance a butt that is small, flat, asymmetrical and/or misshapen. If you are interested in this enhancement, feel free to give us call and schedule a consultation for arguably the best butt augmentation Marina del Rey has to offer.

What complications are possible?

Though rare, complications of butt implant surgery include poorly positioned implants and capsular contracture. In both of these cases, the implant may need to be removed. All butt augmentation procedures carry a risk of infection and bleeding.


Dr. Luis Macias

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