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Patients considering cosmetic surgeries, like breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, and chin augmentation, often experience a combination of excitement, anticipation, and worry. While the prospect of transforming your body is certainly exciting, you also have a palpable fear of undesired results that don’t match up to your expectations. Some patients realize they want some changes but can’t figure out exactly what those changes involve.

You might have several concerns going into your cosmetic surgery consultation. What if you don’t like the results? What if you regret the procedure? What if the reality doesn’t meet the image in your head? Even the best surgeons have trouble dispelling these fears — no matter how talented the surgeon might be, they can’t make you see the results before the surgery.

At Aesthetic MdR, we leverage cutting-edge augmented reality technologies to effectively dispel those fears. We use a radical technology called Vectra 3D Imaging to show you the final results of your procedure during the consultation. You don’t have to imagine what you’ll look like, not anymore; you can see it for yourself to decide if you really want to proceed with the surgery.

Benefits of Vectra 3D Simulation

  • Shows the results of your cosmetic and surgical treatments
  • Helps you fine-tune your cosmetic expectations and goals
  • Lets you try different procedures and techniques to find the ideal results
  • Gives you the confidence you need to proceed with the surgery

What is Vectra 3D Imaging?

Vectra 3D Imaging is a cutting-edge augmented reality technology developed by Canfield Imaging Systems, a division of Canfield Scientific, one of the world’s most reputable providers of clinical imaging systems. Vectra 3D essentially allows you to see the results of your surgical procedure and, with Dr. Macias, adjust the treatment details to find the ideal aesthetic results. Vectra 3D saves you from guesswork.

If you’re considering breast augmentation, you don’t have to guess what cup size or style you’d prefer. Instead, the surgeon can input the details on the Vectra 3D software, make some tweaks, and let you see the results for yourself. This application allows you to “try on” different implant sizes or procedure styles—much like trying out different clothes—until you find a cosmetic appearance you love.

Schedule Your 3D Simulation

The Vectra 3D Imaging technique can be used for most cosmetic procedures and treatments, including rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, chin augmentation, etc. If you’re considering cosmetic surgery but concerned about the results or uncertain about the changes you want, please schedule your 3D simulation with Dr. Macias to achieve complete clarity.


Dr. Luis Macias

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