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The results are absolutely phenomenal.

Dr. Macias and his entire staff are AWESOME. Skilled, knowledgeable, professional, friendly, likable, endlessly available- ALL of the things.

I went in for a mini lift and wound up deciding to get my lids done as well. I'm on the slightly younger side to get work done but was getting my moms' jowls and hooded lids. I initially debated whether I was getting these things done a little too early but opted to go for it after a consultation. Dr. Macias' recommendations were on point with what I thought needed addressing and he did not push or upsell me on anything else.

All I can say now that I've seen the results is that I should have done it even sooner and would do both again in a heartbeat.

Dr. Macias is a perfectionist, his work is pristine and the quality of the follow up aftercare is above and beyond. There was no limit to how many times that he and his staff would take my calls or show up to see me ANY time that I felt even remotely anxious during the healing process- which was honestly really fast and pretty much painless.

The results are absolutely phenomenal and if I ever decide to get anything else done, from a peel to another lift a decade from now, this is the only place that I will go.

Mischa M. - Verified Patient

I couldn't be happier with the results.

Dr. Macias is professional and overall an AMAZING surgeon. I was looking to downsize my current implants and he understood exactly what I was looking for in size and overall look. I couldn't be happier with the [Breast Lift with Augmentation] results. The staff from the beginning have been very warm and friendly. I always feel comfortable with my post-surgery visits. I had a great experience from start to finish. Dr. Macias really listens to your needs, he's extremely professional, and is an exceptional doctor. You're in great hands with him.

Darlene F. - Verified Patient

Great place to check out for a plastic surgeon in the LA area.

I was interested in getting fillers and did a consult here not too long ago. From the front desk staff to nurse Hailey who handled both my consultation and actual procedure, it was a seamless, painless 5-star experience with 5-star results. She patiently answered all my questions about skin care routines, anti-aging products and was exceptionally knowledgeable.

I enjoyed the experience so much, I returned a few weeks later to consult about an additional procedure. This time I got to meet Dr. Macias who was equally as wonderful. He took his time and I felt confident that when I am ready, he will be the doctor I trust to schedule with.

The offices are newly remodeled and look like it popped out of a high-end magazine too. From the music to the space and the top notch equipment, it is a great place to check out if you're looking for a plastic surgeon in the LA area.

Helina M. - Verified Patient

Dr. Macias did an incredible job!

I shopped around for a few years to find a perfect surgeon. I have always wanted breast augmentation but was too scared to go through with it. When I met with Dr. Macias I stressed how important it was to me that my breast looked and felt natural. He was able to show me a 3-D digital version on what my new body would look like. After my surgery I had 1000 and 1 questions, Dr. Macias was wonderful at explaining everything to me. My breast look and feel natural, the incisions are not noticeable at all! I highly recommend Dr. Macias. PS. I loved his work so much that I went back for botox because I trust him. He also did a wonderful job with my botox!

Ally Gomez - Verified Patient

I can't express how much gratitude I have for Dr. Macias.

I can’t express how much gratitude I have for Dr. Macias. He went above and beyond my expectations. Not only did he address the areas of concern I had but he made suggestions as well. Also advised against if he didn’t think it would have a positive outcome. I very much appreciate his transparency, his feedback, his creativity and skills. His command of the surgical staff and the way the office staff regard him is of the utmost respect. He has a gentle bedside manner, humor and confidence. It’s an awesome combination. I feel very secure in his care. I had a neck lift and liposuction to my back and hip area. He made my behind pop a little more with sculpting. I previously had a tummy tuck and he ironed out the kinks there too including a fat transfer to smooth out a spot. Love this guy!!! He’s a master of his craft with an amazing eye. His nurse Tami is the best!!! Great energy, professionalism, knowledge and positive. She really sets the tone. The staff at the surgical center is fun and helps to put your mind at ease. I had the most postive experience including recovery at Serenity. I had booked one night and opted to stay one more. I’m 4 weeks into recovery and the results just keep getting better. I’m looking forward to my next visit!

Sharon Murff - Verified Patient

First off I want to say how genuinely nice of a person Dr.Macias is!

First off I want to say how genuinely nice of a person Dr.Macias is! I recently had my ear lobe reconstructive surgery done by Dr.macias. I’ve had gauged ears for about 10 years now, I had them stretched to a inch and half which is gigantic! One ear lobe was larger than the other to start off. Both of them looked pretty bad. Dr.macias took the time to even them both out, they look identical now. They both look perfect! You wouldn’t be able to even tell I had gauged ear lobes. Dr.Macias explained every step of the procedure to me ahead of time and during the surgery. It was very smooth and went by pretty fast. The numbing agent he used worked really well, and I didn’t feel much pain at all! I was very lucky to find such a great Dr. I appreciate the work you’ve done on me, thank you again. This was a life saver, I had to get this procedure done for the police department to accept me. Once again thank you very much! To top it all off the price was very reasonable and affordable. I would suggest Dr.Macias to anyone out there looking to get work done on themselves. Definitely worth 5 stars, wish I could give you more!

Vincent Fricano - Verified Patient

Dr. Macias is truly an amazing surgeon!!!

Dr. Macias is truly an amazing surgeon!!! I felt so incredibly comfortable from the first time I had a consultation to the last few minutes before entering the operating room. Dr. Macias is incredibly patient, answering all your questions (even when you ask it over and over again). He truly cares about your concerns and his care and gentle nature makes you feel at ease when making decisions about a life changing surgery. After surgery and during all appts post op, his outstanding bedside manner continues to shine as he never stops caring for his patients. He makes you feel incredibly awesome about yourself!!! His staff goes above and beyond as well. I look forward to spending more time with Dr. Macias and his staff!!!

Cathy Maher - Verified Patient

Please visit them, even if you're hesitant about it

The number one concern you’re going to have when picking a surgeon: You will worry that your surgeon won’t understand the look you’re after, and you (and/or the surgeon) will choose the wrong size or wrong profile… If you are looking for a surgeon to make you look like the finest girl in the room, but also give you a look that can be made sexy in a subtle, professional way, Dr. Macias, a board certified plastic surgeon and former Marine, is that guy. I am short, 5’3″, athletic, and I wear a size 9 pants in most jeans. I have been blessed with a very slim waist and great butt, but my breasts were never my best feature and I started with small, firm A cups….Dr. Macias listened to me attempt to describe the look I wanted (which, believe me, at the time, was very poorly articulated). He measured and carefully noted the details of my frame, and then made a recommendation. Like all of you, the major concern I had was size. I wanted to go big (hey, go big or go home, right?) but not go so big that I would look top-heavy. Dr. Macias understood the look I was going for, and ultimately, his recommendation was right, even tho I had my moments of doubt, like everyone else. I am also a big runner and weight lifter. Dr. Macias understood that I wanted to go BIG but not compromise my workouts. Now I get double-takes when people see me at work, at the gym, the beach, etc. The number one thing I hear is, “Damn, girl! You look so good!” But no one quite knows why or how. That’s the art of plastic surgery, folks! You are supposed to look like you, but more stunning than ever, 100% of the time (not just when you stuff your bra). The most gorgeous people you can think of, no matter who they are, don’t have obvious indications they went under the knife. That fine line between “too good to be true, but can’t tell” and “obviously fake” is what makes the finest surgeons so incredibly skillful, in my opinion. You don’t want to be “that girl with the boobs”. Five weeks post-op, my nipples and my breasts are perfectly symmetric, I have just the right amount of “side-boob” and the perfect amount of cleavage for dressing up and going out, or just plain v-neck t-shirts. I love the side-profile, too. As I mentioned, my butt has always been my best feature, but now, breasts and butt are perfectly tied (and my butt is BIG!) Even the scaring is barely visible. Marina del Rey Plastic Surgery Center as a whole is great. Appointments can be made last minute, Dr. Macias’ nurse, Tami, is one of the warmest, funniest people I have ever met and she talked me through every detail of pre-op and post-op, alleviating a lot of stress. The staff are personable and professional. They have technologically-advanced equipment, and they don’t treat you like a number. Please visit them, even if you’re hesitant about it, so you feel for yourself what a treat this whole process is. (I wish i could do it all over again, but I don’t need to because everything is too perfect! LOL) I have nothing but great things to say about this whole experience. Even the price was reasonable (lower than what several of my friends paid who got theirs done this year with different surgeons in LA.) Feel free to email me if you need any further tips or have questions!

Theresa Aslin - Verified Patient

Dr. Macias is Top Doctor!

Dr. Macias is Top Doctor! 12 years ago I had my breast augmented and that plastic surgeon has since then retired, and at that time I didn’t have children and my body was in nice shape. Fast-forward to today, I’ve been blessed with 2 children, a c-section, plus age, all that changed my body and breasts/implants drastically… The time came to either replace my breast implants and or do a complete explant with no replacement but maybe a breast lift. I consulted with a total of three Plastic Surgeons in this past year, and Dr. Macias was the third and that was it for me, he was the one! At my consultation we discussed my Explant procedure and he told me I wouldn’t need a lift, then we talked about the “NO-Drain” tummy tuck, Awesome! because the last thing I needed to deal with, an addition to recovery, is drains attached and hanging from my body. I also needed some major liposuction, of my back, hips, love handles and abdomen and use/transfer the fat to my booty- “Brazilian Butt Lift” . Dr. Macias really got me excited about having these procedures done! The staff at Marina Plastic Surgery are so nice and friendly too and Dr. Macias’ O.R. Team at the surgery center are the best too! I’m almost one month post-op, and my experience and recovery has been extremely positive! Dr. Macias the BEST!

Westie City - Verified Patient

Absolutely best experience with him

I just want to grab, hug, and kiss Dr. Macias every time I’ve seen him since my procedure!! Absolutely best experience with him I now have the most incredible “juicy boobies” according to my 7 year old!! I am beyond happy that I decided to go with Dr. Luis Macias and his team! I had several consultations and did my research on other doctors before choosing Dr. Macias and Marina Plastic Surgery. Best decision ever! I don’t feel that I’ve had a boob job he really made sure that my look fits my body type and looks natural which I love!! The experience has been so amazing from pre-op, operation, and all of my appointments thereafter. The entire staff really makes you feel like you are a valued patient. I will definitely be having any future procedures with Dr. Luis Macias.

Rob And Lula O - Verified Patient

I am 100% satisfied with the results of my procedure.

I am 100% satisfied with the results of my procedure. Dr. Macias is god’s gift to women’s beauty. I definitely recommend him to friends and family. I’m so pleased that I’m planning to come back for more!

Lourdes Echavarria - Verified Patient

I couldn't have made a better decision!!

I couldn’t have made a better decision!! I am soooo pleased with my results, from having previous surgery to no finally being corrected by Dr. Macias


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