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What is a facial?

Facials are a popular multi-step cosmetic procedure that involves the exfoliation of dead skin cells and the treatment of common skin concerns with a patient-tailored mask and massage, and the application of special skin care products. Your facial will include a tailored routine of cleansing, exfoliation, extraction of individual clogged pores, a massage and more, dependent on what concerns and conditions you want our help in handling. More than just a cosmetic procedure, facials have great health benefits, too. They refresh, rejuvenate and nourish your skin to make you look and feel healthier and more youthful, while in the process, being heavily pampered and ridiculously relaxed.

What do facials treat?

Facials are an easy and effective treatment option for a wide variety of the most common skin concerns. Reaching deeply, they cleanse the skin and help you fight persistent problems such as mild acne, dryness, loss of luster, and the evidence of exhaustion, aging and tiredness. Because facials are entirely noninvasive and nonsurgical, they are also painless and require no downtime or recovery.

What are the benefits of a facial?

Facials have extensive cosmetic as well as health benefits:

  • Clean and clear out your pores of accumulated dirt, oils and toxins.
  • Remove dead skin cells, blackheads and white heads
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, and detoxify your skin
  • Facials rejuvenate your skin, removing contaminants and pollutants in the process
  • Facials produce a more even skin tone and reduce eye bags and dark circles

Meet Your Expert Aesthetician

Our Master Providers have a passion to help people look their best. We deliver incredible care and an astounding patient experience, with fully customized facials that target your specific skin conditions and concerns. All of our facials involve a personal consultation so that the procedure is treating what concerns you personally. Some of the many custom facials we offer include:


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Hydrating Facial

This rejuvenating facial starts with a peaceful but powerful cleanse, and moves on to exfoliation and resurfacing. A massage is done to improve lymphatic drainage and, finally, healthy hydrating skin care products are applied.

Anti-Aging Facial

As the face is always first to reveal the signs of aging, our anti-aging facials cleanse and exfoliate in preparation for resurfacing that address the skin’s texture, fine lines and wrinkles, before applying a healthy dose of natural anti-aging skin care products.

Skin Brightening Facial

There is nothing lackluster about this custom facial. It includes cleansing, exfoliation and resurfacing, and an infusion of antioxidants and coenzymes to help with brightening and evening out your skin tone.

Acne Treatment Facial

Because they are so effective in addressing it, mild, persistent acne is one of the most common conditions treated by facials. Our customized acne facial features cleansing, extractions or problem pores, whiteheads and blackheads, a facial massage, and skin products that detoxify and clear up screen blemishes and inflammation.

Facial add-ons

Our custom facials also set the stage for patients to reap additional benefits from additional procedures. Namely, dermaplaning and our custom chemical peels.


Doing away with layers of dead and dull skin with the careful swipe of a surgical-grade scalpel, dermaplaning is effective exfoliation on a whole new level. Its benefits include smoother skin, improved appearance of fine lines, and the reveal of an evenly toned and vibrant new complexion.

Chemical Peels

Specially prepared chemical solutions of varying strengths and specialties are used to exfoliate and reveal a more youthful, serene, smooth and healthy layer of skin below. Get all of the details here.

Why should I choose Aesthetic MdR?

Our aestheticians are well trained and highly experienced professionals who value tangible results above all else, and deliver them in an environment where experience truly matters. You will love the treatment setting and experience as much as you love the results themselves.

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