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Microdermabrasion is a cosmetic procedure that involves a skin care specialist safely and carefully exfoliating and removing the fine top layer of skin using a surgical grade scalpel to deeply rejuvenate the skin.

How does microdermabrasion work?

Microdermabrasion is typically an in-office procedure lasting about an hour. Using anesthesia is rather unnecessary in this procedure. Microdermabrasion can be done in a number of ways as dependent upon the patient’s skin and goals for the procedure.

  • Diamond-Tip Microdermabrasion: Designed to exfoliate dead cells in your skin gently while suctioning them off at the same time. The depths of this procedure are determined by the pressure applied on the handpiece as well as the longevity of the suction on the skin. This type of procedure is usually used in more sensitive areas around the face such as close to the eyes.
  • Crystal Microdermabrasion: Makes use of a crystal-emitting handpiece that gently sprays then rubs away the outermost layer of the skin. Similar to the diamond-tip hand-piece, the dead skin cells are also suctioned immediately off of your skin.
  • Hydradermabrasion: A new method that involves mixing simultaneous dermal infusion of various products and crystal-free exfoliation. This process stimulates the production of collagen in the skin and maximizes regenerative blood flow.

What are the benefits of microdermabrasion?

There are a wide variety of benefits associated with microdermabrasion and they include:

  • Reduces lines, wrinkles and dull skin due to aging or sun damage
  • Treating various age spots as well as uneven pigmentation
  • Microdermabrasion can be used for treating hyperpigmentation or melasma
  • Does away with stretch marks
  • Facilitates cell turnover that can increase your skin’s ability to heal faster
  • Treats acne and its scars
  • Shrinks enlarged pores and blackheads

What is after treatment like?

Patients are advised to follow a few post-procedural instructions to maximize the results of microdermabrasion. Though the treatment is gentle and minimally-invasive, you should expect mild to moderate skin tightness, sensitivity and redness in the treated area, and a sun-burn feeling, all of which subside rapidly.

Post treatment, your skin tends to be quite sensitive so it is important to follow some simple recovery measures:

  1. Gently clean your face after each treatment session using a wet cloth and rehydrating toner
  2. Use a good and rich moisturizer to prevent excess peeling
  3. Always use sunscreen when you go out of the house and limit sun exposure greatly
  4. Avoid scratching the treated area
  5. Don’t use harsh chemicals on your skin
  6. Keep well hydrated

In the unlikely case you experience pain or prolonged redness after the treatment, please contact the office.

How much does microdermabrasion cost?

The total cost for the entire treatment solely depends on your specialist’s fee and geographical location. We work to be able to serve our patients safely and at the highest levels of professionalism in a manner that makes our services very widely available.


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