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Sculptra is a unique filler in that it stimulates your body’s natural production of fresh collagen, revealing a younger you from the inside out.

What is Sculptra?

Sculptra is an injectable filler that gradually restores lost facial volume. It is a poly-L-lactic acid (PLAA) collagen stimulator. That means it works with your body to stimulate collagen production – which restores volume and smooths away wrinkles and folds.

Treatment areas

  • Smile lines: the lines that run between the nose and mouth, also known as “nasolabial folds.”
  • Marionette lines: the laugh lines that frame your mouth.
  • Chin wrinkles: wrinkles and creases along the chin.

Facial Rejuvenation with Dermal Fillers

Haleigh Sullivan Talking about Facial Filler Rejuvenation

Why choose Dr. Macias?

Dr. Luis Macias is an internationally renowned, highly trained, double board-certified plastic surgeon located in Marina del Rey. He approaches all of his procedures – both non-surgical and surgical – with the same commitment to facial beauty and eye for detail. As such, you will emerge from any treatment experience with subtle results that look natural – never overdone.

The treatment experience

Sculptra injections are done in the privacy of Dr. Macias’s Marina del Rey office. To begin, we will cleanse the area and apply a topical anesthetic to ensure a pleasant experience. From there, Dr. Macias will place small amounts of Sculptra beneath the surface of your skin.

Although most patients see results after just one treatment, the typical regimen consists of three appointments scheduled three to four months apart.

FAQ Sculptra

How much does Sculptra cost?

A typical Sculptra treatment at Aesthetic MdR will cost around $1,000. Your personal investment may, however, vary depending on the number of Sculptra vials needed per session, your location and more.

Am I a candidate?

The best candidates for Sculptra are over 18 years of age and want to correct facial volume loss and/or facial wrinkles. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or prone to keloids, Sculptra is not an appropriate treatment option.

What are the side effects and is Sculptra safe?

Sculptra has been used worldwide since 1999 and has a proven safety record. Potential side effects include temporary pain, redness, bruising, itching and lumps.


Dr. Luis Macias

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