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The internal bra technique provides additional support to your breasts after a reconstructive or cosmetic procedure. The internal bra by Galatea ensures greater support and enhanced longevity of your results. The internal bra technique is an excellent choice for women with less elastic skin who desire larger, perkier breasts.

What is the Internal Bra Technique?

The internal bra technique involves placing a scaffold composed of biocompatible material along the lower portion of your breast. This material adds support, just like a bra would, except the support is within the breast itself. The scaffold is absorbed by the body over time and replaced by natural, supportive collagen.

The internal bra technique can be combined with a breast augmentation, breast lift, or a breast lift with augmentation. The internal bra can be placed after an implant is inserted to ensure that your breasts hold the implant and heal properly. The internal bra can also be used with a breast lift to support the newly lifted tissues as your body heals.

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What are the Benefits of Using Surgical Scaffolds?

The additional support provided by using these surgical scaffolds has innumerable benefits which include:

  • Preventing the “double bubble” appearance after breast augmentation, where an implant moves creating an unnatural look with two breast creases.
  • Prevention of symmastia, where the breast implants move, appearing to merge with no space between them.
  • Holds your breasts in the desired position for longer
  • Sustains the results of your breast surgery and allows for a more accurate estimation of the results
  • Slows the development of breast sag with larger implants or due to aging
  • Provides support for women with less elastic skin that may be prone to developing sagging breasts after augmentation
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Am I a Candidate?

If you have often considered having breast surgery, but you have worried about having less resilient skin, then you could be a candidate. Candidates include women who:

  • Experienced weight gain and weight loss
  • Lost breast volume after pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Are experiencing loss of elasticity and reduced breast volume
  • Have had a breast augmentation and their implants have shifted
  • Have had a breast lift and have noticed drooping returning over time
  • Have experienced a combination of the above

Candidates are looking for longevity with their results and need a little bit of extra support to achieve it. Visit Aesthetic MdR and speak with Dr. Luis Macias, one of the leading breast surgeons practicing in the Marina Del Rey area and beyond.


Directly after surgery, you will experience some swelling and bruising. Drains will be placed for the first week to reduce swelling and aid healing. Recovery takes six weeks and requires a minimum of one week off from work, although many women choose to take two weeks off to ensure proper healing. Breast augmentation on its own typically has an easy recovery. You can expect to require more time to heal when combining breast augmentation with an internal bra as your tissues will need to repair along the scaffold. A breast lift combined with an internal bra will have a similar recovery time as a breast lift performed on its own.


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