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Decked out in vibrant lipstick shades and moving while we eat, speak, or breathe, the lips are a focal point for people with whom we do both business and pleasure.

With so much attention on our lips, it’s best that they look exactly as we’d like them to, and that usually means plump and voluminous for the perfect pout. Non-surgical lip augmentation makes that attractive and youthful appearance entirely possible.

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What is Non-Surgical Lip Augmentation?

Non-surgical lip augmentation is a simple but delicate procedure done to enhance the size, shape, contours, and appearance of the lips. Dermal fillers usually of naturally occurring hyaluronic acid are carefully injected into the lips to improve their size and shape. These fillers may include Juvederm, Belotero, and Restylane, and they can be injected with such accuracy that minute adjustments can be made to make your lips look exactly as you’d like them to.

Our master injectors will consult with you prior to the procedure to understand what look or style you are going for exactly, whether that be sophisticated and professional, or sensual and sassy. And our experienced injectors will make that a reality for you. Since lip fillers are instant, you’ll walk out of our practice with most of your final results immediately visible.

Benefits of lip augmentation

  • Immediately visible results
  • Long-lasting but impermanent
  • Requires no recovery downtime
  • Versatile, flexible, and inexpensive
  • Volumizes and accentuates the lips
  • Uses natural components already found in your body
  • Highly contourable, giving you the exact look you’re after


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The Procedure

Lip augmentation begins with a private consultation that gives our aesthetic experts the opportunity to understand what sort of look you’re aiming for and what your goals are for the procedure. We will work closely with you to map out a simple treatment plan that accomplishes those goals for you, including what injectable to use, how much of it, and where.

Then the fun begins. Many dermal fillers come in special versions that include a pain-relieving anesthetic that makes the procedure more enjoyable. Additional numbing options are also available for patients who are particularly sensitive to pain.

Your injector will carefully place very exact amounts of filler in the areas of your lips that need it most in order to reach your desired look, shape, and style. The Cupid’s bow can be accentuated nicely and the vermillion border can be made nicely defined, and other fine details of the lips can be perfected to your liking.

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There isn’t necessarily a recovery downtime period after non-surgical lip augmentation, though you will likely experience some swelling, redness, and discomfort for a few to several hours. These side effects go away on their own and for many patients, they are almost unnoticeable. If this will be your first time getting non-surgical lip augmentation, we would advise that you have an hour or three available after the procedure in the rare event that your side effects are more obvious than anticipated.


You will see the first initial positive results of your non-surgical lip augmentation immediately after treatment. As the injectable softens and settles into your lips, and as the swelling subsides, more and more of your final results will become apparent and by two weeks out from the procedure, your lips should be looking incredible.


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