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Torrance offers its residents a superior quality of life and is one of the safest cities in Southern California. The warm year-round climate, with 1.5 miles of glorious beaches, the city offers residents and visitors the ultimate California experience, from surfing, to parks, museums, to some of the region’s finest eateries. Just minutes from LAX, Torrance is a popular tourist destination, close to all the area’s most well-known attractions.

Plastic Surgery Torrance

Dr. Luis Macias: Plastic Surgeon serving Torrance

Dr. Luis Macias is among the most accomplished plastic surgeons in Southern California and beyond, with a luxury private office in Marina del Rey, less than 20 miles from Torrance. As a double board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Macias has extraordinary credentials, and a reputation for excellence in the art of plastic surgery. He provides a world-class experience and results that are simply, superior.

Tummy tuck

A loose, flabby, or bulging tummy zone is distressing – and almost impossible to resolve with diet and exercise. You may have developed excess skin, fat, and tissue after pregnancy, or as a result of aging, a dramatic weight loss, or genetics. Whatever the cause, a tummy tuck is the ultimate way to restore a taut, firm, sculpted abdomen. A tummy tuck, when performed by acclaimed plastic surgeon Dr. Macias, will:

  • Tighten loose abdominal muscles
  • Repair split abdominal muscles (diastasis recti)
  • Remove sagging skin, fat, and tissue
  • Stretch marks on the lower tummy may be removed
  • Create a firmer, fitter, more sculpted abdomen and waist

Mommy makeover

Mothers have a difficult – but very rewarding job. Not only is being a mother stressful, but pregnancy, childbirth, and nursing take a toll on your body. A once firm, fit figure can now have stretched abdominal muscles, stretch marks, and sagging skin and tissue. Breasts are no longer firm and perky, but may sag and droop, or appear deflated. A mommy makeover is a custom procedure geared to restore your body in all the areas that need help.

Liposuction in Torrance

Liposuction continues to be one of the most effective treatments for the removal of excess fat. The various types of liposuction techniques were each developed for a specific body area or treatment, from larger fatty deposits at waist, thighs, or buttocks, to harder to reach areas such as back, bra fat, upper arms, or beneath the chin. Dr. Macias offers 360 degree liposuction and is known for his ability to produce a beautiful result – slim, trim, and sculpted.

Breast augmentation in Torrance

Nature doesn’t always provide us with the figure of our dreams – but with the help of modern aesthetics, your body can be created to match your vision of beauty. Breast augmentation surgery can give you the size, shape, and projection that you have always wanted, with a result that appears entirely natural, plump, and attractive.

Breast lift

It can be depressing to see your breasts losing their youthful, perky look, beginning to sag, and no longer firm and plump. A breast lift raises the breasts on the chest wall, reshapes the breast tissue, and relocates the nipple structure to be in the center of the breast mound. In some cases, a reduction in areola size may be needed. Dr. Macias is a meticulous surgeon who can restore your breasts with a custom breast lift surgery in Torrance.

Why choose Aesthetic MdR near Torrance?

When you are considering an aesthetic procedure, you want to be confident that your procedure will be performed by a true master. Dr. Macias has achieved an extraordinary level of skill, and is recognized both nationally and internationally as a leader in the field. He stays at the leading edge in the latest advances in plastic surgery. He was appointed as the Aesthetic Program Director at the USC Keck School of Medicine, where he educates young surgeons in the latest techniques in plastic surgery.

The decision to undergo a surgical enhancement is important. The results of your surgery should bring you greater happiness, confidence and joy in whatever life brings you. Dr. Macias is truly among the most accomplished plastic surgeons in the Torrance area, and a trusted member of the medical community. You deserve the best – we invite you to discover Aesthetics MdR in Marina del Rey, just minutes from Torrance, where you can trust that you will be under the care of one of the finest plastic surgeons in the nation.


Dr. Luis Macias

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