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Are you looking for a more youthful appearance and want to smooth moderate to severe lines that have formed between your brows and on your forehead? Dysport is an FDA-approved injectable that delivers results without creating a “frozen” look. Our Marina del Rey Dysport treatment addresses wrinkles without altering your facial movements so your natural expressiveness is maintained.

These are Wrinkle Reducers

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What is Dysport?

Repeated facial movements and muscle contractions lead to what is termed “dynamic” wrinkles. Dysport is an injectable treatment that safely and effectively addresses moderate to severe facial wrinkles. Dysport injections take only minutes and smooth frown lines that can leave you looking old or tired.

How is it Used For Treatment?

Dysport works beneath the skin’s surface and can temporarily minimize these lines by reducing muscle contraction in the brow area. One injection with a small needle is placed into targeted locations above and between the eyebrows. Frown lines are temporarily reduced, while leaving the rest of your face to move naturally. Dysport allows you to control the look you want while still allowing your personality to shine through.

How Does Dysport Differ From BOTOX?

Over time, wrinkles can develop because of repetitive muscle movement. Both BOTOX and Dysport are types of botulinum toxin injections. They both are effective in treating and preventing wrinkles. BOTOX and Dysport manage these wrinkles by temporarily blocking the nerve impulses that control the muscle. The difference comes down to the way these two products are formulated.

Dysport is a thinner formula, so you may need more injections to achieve your desired results. Dysport spreads to a broader area, which means a more extensive treatment area can be addressed with fewer injections. However, BOTOX may be a better solution if you need to treat a very small area where more precision is required, such as crow’s feet.

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Are There Any Side Effects?

Dysport is considered a safe and effective treatment to temporarily address moderate to severe wrinkles. Side effects are minimal but can include redness, bruising and swelling at the injection site. Allergic reactions are extremely rare. To avoid a negative reaction to Dysport, trust an experienced medspa such as Aesthetic MdR and discuss any medical concerns you might have with our master providers.

Why Should I Choose Aesthetic MdR For Dysport Treatments?

If you are looking for beautifully natural results, our master providers are known for their high level of precision and expertise. Our master providers have a passion for and knowledge of injectables and anti-aging cosmetic medicine that has led to consistently superior results with injectables, including Dysport.

Our master team of professionals provide a luxurious, personalized experience. Whether you are visiting us for a Dysport treatment or any other cosmetic procedure, you are in skilled and capable hands. Aesthetic MdR is committed to ensuring your treatment is safe, comfortable and delivers the results you envision.


Am I a good candidate for Dysport?

If you have struggled with stubborn frown lines and dream of looking and feeling younger, you may be a good candidate for Dysport. Dysport is effective in treating wrinkles caused by repeated facial expressions. If you have folds and creases around your brow area that have turned into more permanent lines, they can be minimized with Dysport. Men and women who have good skin elasticity can benefit from Dysport. Schedule a consultation today for some of the most remarkable results after Dysport Marina del Rey has to offer.

Is there a recovery period?

Dysport treatments are minimally invasive and have no downtime. You may return to your normal routine as soon as you leave our office, although it is advisable that you do not exercise for up to 24 hours. A few days after treatment, you’ll notice the lines and wrinkles that were once so pronounced have begun smooth and relax.

How much does Dysport cost?

Dysport treatments at Aesthetic MdR depending on each patient's treatment goals. Schedule a consultation today to get your personalized treatment quote.

How long will my results last?

Dysport is an effective, and long-lasting treatment for lines and wrinkles. Most patients see results with just one treatment and results can last up to four months. To maintain your new youthful appearance, it is recommended that you schedule regular treatments.

Is a Dysport treatment painful?

Dysport is not considered painful. You may feel a slight pinch when the needle is injected. To ensure your comfort, a topical anesthetic can be applied to the treatment area.


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