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Laidback beach vibes and sunshine are the staples of Redondo Beach. Shopping, entertainment, and trendy beachside eateries line the beautiful, sandy beaches and Redondo Beach Pier. Visitors and locals alike are drawn to the unique atmosphere and fun attractions such as Hopkins Wilderness Park and the Seaside Lagoon. The city is in an area close to Los Angeles International Airport, making it a popular destination for people traveling to Los Angeles who want an authentic California beach town experience.

Dr. Luis Macias: Plastic Surgeon Serving Redondo Beach Patients

Dr. Luis Macias has been helping people with their plastic surgery in Redondo Beach for many years. His offices are conveniently located in Marina del Rey, which is an easy 30-minute drive from the heart of Redondo Beach. As a double board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Luis Macias has gained international acclaim for his advanced training, technical skills, and natural-looking results.

Dr. Luis Macias at Aesthetic MdR offers a wide range of cosmetic enhancement procedures for both the face and body. He proudly serves Redondo Beach and the surrounding areas, ensuring that all his patients receive the highest level of care, and results that bring them confidence and a better quality of life.

Plastic Surgeon Redondo Beach

Tummy Tuck

Our Redondo Beach tummy tuck procedure is the ultimate way to restore and enhance your abdominal area. If you have had children or gained and lost weight, you may be experiencing weakened or separated abdominal muscles, loose skin and tissue on your stomach, and pockets of stubborn fat. Dr. Macias will thoroughly examine your abdominal area to design a treatment that tightens the muscles and removes excess skin and fat. A tummy tuck performed by Dr. Macias can:

  • Tighten and restore firmness to your abdominal muscles
  • Remove excess fat and skin
  • Create a flatter, firmer tummy and slimmer waist

Liposuction in Redondo Beach

Plastic Surgery Redondo Beach

Liposuction is the fastest way to remove larger amounts of stubborn fat. This procedure can remove areas of your body that have accumulated fat to enhance your figure and reveal a slimmer self. Liposuction is the first step in custom fat grafting. The fat is harvested from an area of your body with an excess, purified, and then injected to augment other areas of your body. Dr. Macias can work with you to determine the best treatment for your concerns and your body. Balance is the key with liposuction and Dr. Macias has the experience and skill you want. His custom 360-degree liposuction technique can help you look and feel your best.

CoolSculpting Elite

We are so pleased to offer CoolSculpting Elite, the latest and most advanced CoolSculpting system yet. Able to treat nine areas of the body and utilize dual applicators, CoolSculpting Elite is faster, better formed to the body, and more efficient than ever before. This advanced CoolSculpting platform includes dual applicators so that two areas can be treated at once. These applicators have undergone a progressive upgrade that addresses 18% more tissue than before, and also have a new curved contour that better fits the curves of the body. Not only does this mean more coverage; it means more comfort. We invite you to come to our Redondo Beach location and discover what makes CoolSculpting Elite so exciting!

Redondo Beach Breast Augmentation

Many patients in the area seek out Dr. Macias for the expertise employed in performing his Redondo Beach breast augmentation. He has the highest standard of artistry and balance in creating beautiful breasts. His goal is to augment your breasts so that they are perfectly suited to your figure, so you feel confident and beautiful. His breast augmentation procedure is minimally invasive for smaller incisions and discreet scars, with every procedure performed with meticulous attention to detail.

Breast lift

A breast lift is a plastic surgery procedure that lifts and rejuvenates your breasts. This procedure is often combined with breast augmentation to restore volume to breasts that have